You can probably most easily get to know us by surfing around this website, or feel free to get in contact and organise a visit. But, if we had one take home message about what we’re doing, it would be that we are just trying to be social.

The way we are social is through activity. Keeping active is great for the mind, body, and spirit. This is especially so when someone doesn’t have other things is their life to keep them active. Retirement, unemployment, divorce, migration, etc are all big changes in peoples lives and one thing easily lost in these circumstances is social interaction. Shed i Malmö aims to provide a space to do things in for people who may be looking for things to do (vagueness intended).

This notwithstanding, it should be said that most of our members are actually working professionals who just like to have fun and were looking for another place to do this in; a place that is more versatile than their apartments. Not many people are willing to build a bed (from scratch, not from a flat pack), sand back some old chairs, have band practice, or host tango classes in their apartments. But in Shed i Malmö, we can.

A philosophy we try to adopt is that we don’t want to be laying down a whole bunch of complex rules about how the space can be used. Some guiding principles we do adopt are; safety first, don’t do things that ruin the space for others, and The Aunty Policy.

We started in our current location in Damnfri/ Erikslust in Malmö in early February 2015.

We are an independent organisation, free from political and religious association. We are a registered ideella förening (ideal organisation) with the Swedish tax authority.

Organisationsnummer: 802496-8979
Bank-giro: 610-7536
Plus-giro: 803322-7

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kevin · May 1, 2015 at 12:51 am

Hi there guys good to see you up and running congratulations from the ipswich men`s shed QLD australia
you can see our shed here enjoy and prosper

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