The Shed’s fearless* leader Sean Furlong made an appearance on SVT2’s current affairs program Aktuellt on Tuesday (22 May) to discuss what we’re doing with the Shed in Malmö. Many people have seen it and agree he did a stand-up job, being his first time on national TV, speaking a relatively new language, etc.

If you haven’t seen the segment, try this link. If that’s expired, try this link.

Here’s the back story.

In late April, we got an email from a chap who goes by the name Patrick. He lives in Frome, England, and is a member of their local Shed. It turns out that they produce their own podcast and wanted to interview us about life at Shed i Malmö. If you want to hear that interview, see the post ‘Shed Happens‘.

So why us? Well, it turns out they had had a visit from SVT, who were doing a special on something or other. That wasn’t so clear to us, but it didn’t matter either: this was our chance to get on a podcast, and given we all listen to many of these, that was pretty exciting. And given the topic of the podcast was Sheds in Scandinavia, if we didn’t talk with them, it would really only be about Sheds in Denmark.

During our chat with Patrick we explained our state of affairs and heard a little about them. He also mentioned that SVT had said they might get in touch with us. Cool. We’ll see what happens. Well, nothing happened. For a number of weeks, that is, until on 17 May. SVT emailed us hoping to get one of us into the studio for a chat about the Shed.

* fearless? We knew directly that we had to say yes. Casey’s Swedish is not much chop, mine either. Plus I had a few work things on, the laundry was booked, cat needed to be feed, you know… fearless. But Sean grabbed the bull by the horns and took up the request.

There were a few emails back and forth, and suddenly Sean is booked on the 17:50 from Sturup to Stockholm for the 22nd. There’ll be a taxi waiting for him, straight to the studio, do the bit, hotel, fly home. Only thing missing – what is he going to talk about?

On the 22nd, Sean catches the flight, still doesn’t really know what he’ll be talking about, gets the taxi, still in the dark, gets to the studio at 19:00 and is told to come back in an hour when the staff arrive, still no idea, hair and make-up and meeting the co-stars, OK, now he knows. And the rest is history.

Oh, and yeah, he was shitting himself.

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