Shed i Malmö is a space where people come together to do stuff, but more importantly, socialise. It’s like a hobby room, only bigger and better equiped. It’s like a lounge room, only more durable. It’s like a social club, but with more activities than just cards.

If you’d like to get involved with a community of people who like to be social, learn new skills or share their own, and use their hands, Shed i Malmö is for you.

We are a self-funded, member based, not-for-profit. Access to the Shed is limited to members and their guests (but not limited in hours – access for members is 24/7).

Latest News

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Brewing up a storm

One thing Shed i Malmö members have consistently been active in and thus have become very good at, is brewing beer. I think most members and many guests can attest to this. And now, they Read more…


To market, to market

One of the projects that we have going on at the minute is to build stuff to sell at a market. We like it because it kills many birds with the one stone: we get Read more…

Dear members

2018 Update

HIGHLIGHT: ‘Market making’ on Thursday evenings for the next few months. Come on down! Hi All! We’re back with an update from the Shed board. Finances: We’re approaching our ‘three months of cash’ critical point; Read more…


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Somewhere in Dammfri, Malmö