We are currently the only Shed in Sweden. We’d like to change that.

To this end, we are organising a forum on 14 September on The Future of Sheds in Sweden. The forum will aim to bring together people interested in ways of improving social wellbeing in Malmö and Sweden, with the discussion focused on how Sheds can contribute to this goal.

Click to find: Shed i Sverige Forum – information.

Speakers will include:

Barry Golding: Possibly the most knowledgeable person on Sheds in the world. Barry is a semi retired researcher who has extensively studied the value of Sheds to society. He is in Sweden to attend a conference on lifelong learning, will visit Denmark to attend the launch of Sheds in Denmark, and will have a bit of a holiday while here with his wife. He has been kind enough to offer his services to us in Malmö for the day.

Helene Ahl: Helene is Professor of Business Administration at ENCELL – Sweden’s National Centre for Lifelong Learning – in Jönköping. She has had an eye on the world of Sheds before Shed i Malmö was little more than a little blue boat in Sean’s backyard.

Beatrice Kogg: Beatrice works at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University. She is also the brains behind the Din Fabrik (‘your workshop’) concept, which aims to provide a space to up-cycle so-called waste that still has a good usable life in front of it.

Nicola Ens: Nicola recently finished a research project looking at how we at Shed i Malmö communicate and interact with each other. She’ll give us an overview of her results and some recommendations of what the best way forward is.

Nils Philips: Nils works at the centre for public entrepreneurship here in Malmö. He’s the man with the knowledge on funding. And all the networks.

With an introduction on Shed i Malmö and Sheds around the world from Sean Furlong and Will English, respectively.

All feedback is welcome. Please email shedimalmo@gmail.com with any suggestions.

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