Sometimes it is time, sometimes it is physical resources, sometimes it is know-how. The Shed aims to remove the work-space and even tool impediments to getting stuff done, but there are still reason that things we want to do are not yet ticked off as complete. Below is a list of projects that we want to do and the things holding them back. If you are able to help with overcoming these hurdles, please let us know.

Future Shed Projects (by Shed members, for Shed members)

Make a lounge from a bathtub (talk to Gav)
– have everything, just need to do it.

Bike fixing workshop (talk to Sean)
– thanks to some generous donations, we have a few bikes that need a few little fixes then to be put to good use.

Install a vertical garden and aquaponics system in the shed (talk to Will)
– pretty much all parts; water pump, fish tanks, 15 meters of 10 inch pvc pipe for the plants to sit in, grow lights.

Fix a trolley for Port Malmö Football Club (talk to Will)
– need new wheels (preferably solid golf-cart type)

A prototype cat scratcher (talk to Will)
– A sensor light / rörelsesenor, a electric (AC) motor that does low revs (10 to 30). Does anyone have an old record player they are willing to let be dismantled (sourced! THANKS CASEY!)?

And we always need materials like wood glue, screws, nails, paint, wood, etc


Future Community Projects (by Shed members, for good causes)

Tamam: vänskap utan gränser! Tamam pledged to support the Shed during our Kickstarter given we pledged to support them with a joint project once we were operational. So now, we need to come up with a good project that will take about 12 hours, and is suitable for a few adults and about a dozen kids. Suggestions welcome, sponsorship worshiped.

Ad hoc community projects: if you know of another organisation that needs some work done that fits our profile, let us know and we’ll see if we can help. For example, your local bird watchers might want some nesting boxes built, your local school might need some garden furniture repaired, your hospital wants a new painting, you get the point.


If you can help, please contact us.


Members, email in your new ideas or contact the person with the skills you’re looking for!


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