Members in Shed i Malmö are welcome to work on whatever they want in the space. Projects are either individual or group, for themselves, for the Shed community, or for the broader community.


Projects happening right now.

Now that the space is a useable state, our members have all sorts of projects going on;

  • drawing classes (talk to Jo)
  • carving of small wooden cutlery (talk to Will)
  • green woodworking (talk to Sean)
  • beer brewing (talk to Ryan)
  • gardening (talk to Will)
  • yoga (talk to Olga)
  • knitting (talk to Will)
  • (talk to Casey)
    • There is probably enough musically minded members to start a second band. We just need a singer!
  • random bits and pieces of tinkering
  • socialising around food and drink

We also have many awesome projects in planning for which we just need more material and/ or time.


Things we’ve done.

We’ve done lots to the place; painted the walls a stunning white, cleaned the place, installed a kitchen, built a bar from old pallets, installed benches and shelves, set up a band area, put in couches, fixed the toilet, etc.

And we’ve done lots in the space:

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