We’re pretty proud of the way the physical space of Shed i Malmö has come together. If you’ve watched the video on the homepage, you’ll see a space that was pretty ugly. Today, thanks to the efforts of our members, it’s become a functional space filled with lots of useful things for getting stuff done.

It’s not huge, and it’s not got the finish of a new build, but it’s our place.

As a bit of an idea of what we have;

  • Kitchen
    • Fridge, sinks, coffee machine, microwave, bar, lots of cutlery and crockery
  • Lots of bench space
    • including metal tops, a carpentry bench, kitchen table, and a light table
  • Lots of tools
    • including hand held and electric, and dust extractors and vacuums to keep things clean
  • Table-tennis table
  • Couches and seats
  • Toilet
  • Lots of shelf space and even some lockers for storage
  • First aid and fire extinguishers
  • We also have access to the 4 person sauna in the basement of the housing building.