One thing Shed i Malmö members have consistently been active in and thus have become very good at, is brewing beer. I think most members and many guests can attest to this.

And now, they want to share their knowledge, stories, equipment, and space. If you’re interested, they will be ‘Brewing up a storm’ on Saturday 25 August. Everyone is most welcome. You can either brew your own batch, or help them brew to a recipe they’ll have prepared. You’ll of course be welcome back to help bottle and taste/ take home what you’ve created. Please feel free to just turn up on the day, or contact us to arrange a time and process, and to get the address.


And a little more info on beer brewing and Sheds around the world. I would guess that most ‘man caves’ around the world, many of them sheds (with a small s), include the consumption of alcoholic beverages and even the creation of it. But very few Sheds (with a capital S) brew or even drink on premises. For many this is just a result of not being interested. For others, there are active decisions taken to ensure alcohol doesn’t enter the premises, generally as a result of social issues in the local community around it. We at Shed i Malmö have most definitely discussed at length this issue, but feel that the benefits far out-way the potential risks. If you come and meet the brewers, you see the processes is really just about being creative and learning new skills. You’ll also be able to see that they’re damn good at it.

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