HIGHLIGHT: ‘Market making’ on Thursday evenings for the next few months. Come on down!

Hi All! We’re back with an update from the Shed board.

Finances: We’re approaching our ‘three months of cash’ critical point; the point at which we stated that we’d tell our landlord that we’re leaving the location, unless we knew we’d be able to find more money from other sources. We have enough rent money to make it to the end of October, but beyond that we need to work those other sources of income. We have three sources in the pipeline which we think can get us to the end of 2018 – a market, the quiz night, selling our equipment. Selling our equipment will be the last thing we’ll do, and we’d like to avoid it if we can. The quiz night is still a work in progress. So here, we’ll focus on the market…

Market: starting this week, we’re going to have a weekly session to make things to sell at a craft market. This week’s focus will be bags made from recycled clothes. Future sessions will include making candle holders from birch and cherry, and making Christmas decorations. Other ideas are most welcome and you are of course welcome to create/ fix/ donate things outside of these sessions. We’ll be putting up events around these on Facebook and Slack. Come on down, enjoy a chat, and get your hands and mind busy.

2019: Sean, Casey and myself (Will) have all reached the point where we can’t continue in 2019. So, unless some other people step up and take on the leadership positions by the end of September, we’ll be leaving the current location and putting Shed i Malmö in hibernation for the foreseeable future. Remember, the Shed doesn’t have to stay like it is now…

If anyone has other ways of making a bit of rent money, please just do them. If anyone wants to give the Shed new life and become Chair/ Treasurer/ Secretary, or has anything else they want to discuss with us, please email shedimalmo@gmail.com , or contact us via Slack/ Facebook/ mobile phones/ coming down on a Thursday evening.

Thanks again everyone for being Shedders.

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